This Week in Chromatik Content: Keyboard Edition

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Here at Chromatik, we're constantly trying to add new content for you to enrich your practice sessions. In our weekly Chromatik content feature, we highlight the best selections in our latest tutorial arrivals. This week has lots of keyboard-centric pieces, ranging from early 00s adult alternative piano ballads about walking long distances to tutorials on organ work for gospel’s more audacious pieces. Click through to see our personal favorites.

1000 Miles

The fluttering piano that kicks off Vanessa Carlton’s 2002 hit single has become a radio staple (don’t act like you’ve never hummed the melody). Here’s your chance to become a star at your next house party and impress all your friends by busting out this iconic piano melody.


Percussive Guitar

Did you know that there’s multiple ways to pluck a guitar string? That’s right, you don’t know everything about guitar. Wipe that smug grin off your face and learn some percussive guitar techniques. Commonly found in ragtime and American primitive music, percussive guitar is often used on guitars with classical or nylon strings (John Fahey rocks the percussive guitar technique, so that should give you an idea of its sound).


Shout Chords

Defined by its high-energy organ pieces, shout music is basically the punk contingent of gospel. Learn the secrets to this divine, adrenaline pumping use of the organ through this lesson that teaches basic shout chords necessary to bring the spirit of the Lord into your church (or at least your apartment? the Lord will be brought, somewhere).

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