Play Music More: Find Time in Your Day for Music

play music

play music I got stuck in traffic. I needed to workout and couldn't leave work.  I had to make my family dinner. 

Let's say this together: no more excuses.  You've got to make time for music, so here are a few simple ways to make each day more musical.

1.  Play music with friends. We all know it's more fun to play music together, but it can be difficult to coordinate everyone's schedules. Rather than go out to dinner with your group of friends, invite them all over for a potluck. Tell them to bring food and their instrument.  You'll save money, and you'll get to play music with your friends. Friends can hold each other accountable, and friends can make other friends who forget their instrument do the dishes...

2. Put it on your calendar. Nothing feels better than crossing things off of a list. When we know we have something scheduled, we go out of our way to accomplish it. So go ahead, write PLAY MUSIC on your calendar, and then when your boss asks you to stay late, you can claim that you have a very important meeting to make it to.

3. Be realistic. Yes, excuses are lame, but sometimes things really do come up.  If you try to play music every day for a month, you might get burnt out or become discouraged when you miss one day of practice.  Before you sit down with your music, be realistic and ask yourself how many days a week you can practice. But then, stick to it, and don't you dare make any excuses.

4. Wake up earlier.  You know what they say, the early bird gets to play music that wakes up all the other birds.  Or something like that.

5. Set a goal.  Maybe it's to learn a new song or a new chord. Maybe you want to get a gig or finally record your album.  Whatever your aspirations are, make a concrete plan. Once you know what you're working toward, playing music will become that much sweeter.

Those are just a few of our suggestions. How else do you hold yourself accountable to play music more?