New Chromatik Content 6/15/13


As you may have seen yesterday, we're testing a new platform at Chromatik to help you maximize the effect of your practice sessions as you continue to develop as a musician. Whether you want to add a few new tunes to your repertoire, learn a new technique, or pick up that second instrument we have the tools for you. Every week we will be adding new content into Chromatik for you to try out. Check out some of the most recent additions below.

"Superstition" from Stevie Wonder's Talking Book (1972)—Voice

"Rehab" from Amy Winehouse's Back to Black (2006)—Voice

Tears In Heaven from Eric Clapton's Rush (1992)—Guitar

Beginner Piano Lesson

Thrift Shop from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' The Heist (2012)—Saxophone

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