Learn to Sing Royals by Lorde and Other Pop Hits

chromatik content lorde royalsIn our weekly Chromatik content feature, we highlight the best selections from our latest tutorial arrivals. This week we’re glamming it up with the latest pop hits. Songs you will never escape, either because they’re always on the radio or they’re always stuck in your head. Instead of failing miserably to replicate that glass-shattering chorus in "Roar" with your raspy voice, channel the eye of the tiger and attack those high notes through this sheet music and tutorial selection.

“Roar” by Katy Perry

When was the last time Katy Perry failed to make an anthemic pop hit? She’s come a long way from the “Ur So Gay” days (which we try to forget) and keeps churning out #1 song after #1 song. Acquaint yourself with Perry’s magical pop formula by learning how to sing her latest hit song. Tyler Ward’s acoustic cover of Roar will help you develop your own roar (aren't we so clever?), and it’s acoustic take on the song is perfect for this autumn weather.


“Applause” by Lady Gaga

If you didn’t think Gags could top Born This Way’s weirdness; well, you’re wrong. Her new song is a schizophrenic mess (in the best way possible) and it’s incredibly fun to sing. Craig Yopp’s cover tones down the original’s attention-deficit club synths with an intimate piano rework. This sheet music also works for piano, so you can play along!


“Royals” by Lorde

Despite lacking postcode envy, New Zealand native Lorde conquered Billboard as the youngest chart-topping artist in 26 years. Revel in Lorde’s disdain for upper class bling and learn to sing Royals. You might never be a royal, but at least your singing won’t cause your friends to fear for their eardrums' safety.

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