Learn Music: How to Tackle a New Song

learn music

  learn music

In a perfect world, you could hear a song and play it moments later.  Unfortunately, that's not exactly how you learn music. Nobody wants to have the same three songs in their back pocket every time a guitar circulates the room. We get it. We love Jack Johnson as much as the next person, but we'd also love some variety.  So what do you say?  Take a deep breath and follow these steps to learn some new music.

1.  Know your scales. Know your chords. Know your stuff. Maybe somewhere, in some foreign country, there exists a human who can pick up an instrument and intuitively creature rapturous sounds. Maybe.  For the rest of us, we have to learn, and since you don't learn music in a vacuum, find a teacher, find a friend, find somebody to play with.

2. Choose a song that is a challenge. Pick one specific aspect that you want to work on.  Maybe it is a certain chord or a progression. Bar chords might be frightening, but the only way you're going to learn is by trying. By choosing to learn music just a little out of your range, you'll progress without becoming overwhelmed or bored.

3. Learn music in stages. Break the piece up into smaller parts that seem manageable, so you can, you know, manage to learn them.

4. Practice. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you actually have to be consistent about this. The initial zest of  learning a new song can wear off quickly. If you're struggling to fit music into your day, read our older post about finding time to play music.

5. Don't become frustrated. Know that learning music comes in stages. That 'always having to stare at sheet music' phase. The 'nobody look at me or talk to me I might be understanding the melody' phase. The 'I'll master the technique if it is the last thing I do' phase.  And finally, the 'what? this old piece? I could play it all day' phase. That last one's our favorite.

6. Recording and listening to yourself is one of the easiest ways to learn music and one of the main things that we as musicians very rarely do. Chromatik offers recording and playback capabilities, right alongside the sheet music itself.  So start recording and learn more music today.