Learn Guitar | Science Proves Girls Love It!

It's pretty safe to assume that many-a-guitar-player has used their skills to grab the attention of that special somebody, but who knew it was actually scientifically proven (well sort of) to give them a leg up. Researchers at the Université de Bretagne-Sud in France put together a series of social experiments that have come to suggest that women find a man more attractive when he is holding a guitar. But we already knew that didn't we? So as they say, "with great power comes great responsibility." For all you men out there, if you are holding a guitar, be sure you know how to use it! In honor of the study, here are a few guys are talented with the guitar and look good playing it too.

learn guitar

Read the full study here...

John Mayer

Anyone looking to learn guitar can take a cue or two from John Mayer. Not only can the guy sing and play some mean guitar, but he looks good doing it and has the swagger to match. But look out for this one ladies because he is known to be quite the heartbreaker.

Andy Allo

Here's one for the guys. Andy Allo is a Prince protege who has broken out on her own. Initially only playing acoustic guitar, Allo joined Prince's NPG band where she was pushed learn guitars of the electric variety to fit the vibe and hasn't looked back since. This year Allo released her second solo album entitled Superconductor that was produced by Prince himself. If anyone knows how to teach a performer how to look fine while playing guitar it is most certainly Prince.


And that brings us to example number three, but sex symbol number one—Prince. Over many decades, the artist known by many different names and symbols has brought his sexually androgynous persona into homes around the world with his music. Between his synth-pop guitar solos, outrageous style, and ever-present mystique, Prince is most certainly one of the most admired people to hold a guitar.

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