5 Creative Uses for Old Sheet Music

Sheet Music

What do you mean other uses for sheet music?

I know, I know.  Some of us find it difficult to spend time with print sheet music for the original purpose of, you know, learning a song.

But what if you’ve bought the sheet music, put in the practice time, and mastered the song? You don’t want to throw those old pieces away or leave them scattered on the floor.  So we at Chromatik have come up with a few ideas.

1.Scan it and keep practicing. Maybe an obvious answer from the musicians here at Chromatik, but we believe that you’ll practice more effectively, more enjoyably, and well, just more with digital sheet music. You already live most of your life online, why not add your sheet music to that list? Check out www.chromatik.com to get started.

2. Oragami. Some of you might call this sacrilege, but old sheet music can be made into some really beautiful art objects: fans, butterflies, even roses. You know what they say, life is just a bowl of... sheet music flowers. It also makes for a great conversation piece.

3. Use it as inspiration.  Try copying the first few measures and then compose something all your own.  Some of the best songs start as tributes, after all.

4. Frame it. We already knew that sheet music was a work of art.  Why not be a bit more literal with this interpretation?  Sheet music can make for some truly stunning wall art.  Frame a few old pieces and make every day more musical.

5. Give it to someone else.  Have a friend or family member who is just starting out in music?  We at Chromatik believe in supporting music education any way we can, so why not help a developing musician. Hey, maybe you can even teach a lesson yourself.

Share the love; share the music.