Chromatik Morning Warmup: a list of lists

It’s the start of a new year, which invariably means that music blogs everywhere are publishing their lists of the top albums, songs, and videos of 2012.  At Chromatik, we’re doing things a bit differently and compiling a Top 5 list of… well, lists. So here is our list of 2012 Top Lists.  Are we missing anything?  Let us know!

  • Top 40 Artists Twitters 2012 (Pitchfork)
  • Jason Bentley’s Top 10 Favorite MBE Performances of 2012 (KCRW)
  • Misheard lyrics of 2012 (AOL Music)
  • Bob Boilen’s 243 Favorite Concerts of 2012 (NPR Music)
  • Spotify Top 10 Songs of 2012: How Many Times Did You Listen To That Gotye Song This Year? (Huffington Post)