5 Technologies Every Music Teacher Should Use in the Music Classroom

Schools want to use classroom technology, and tech companies want to sell to schools. It’s a battlefield.

As a music teacher, you are bombarded daily by new technologies. Some are free, some affordable, and some expensive. But not all classroom technologies are created equal. That’s why we’ve climbed into the internet trenches to find the technologies that will make an immediate impact in your music class.


1. Put your projector down, AppleTV is here. Use Airtime to stream any Apple product (iPad, iPhone, Macbook) straight to your TV. Whatever app you are using, whatever song you are playing, or whatever video you are showing, the content shows up directly on your TV. Price: For $100, every music teacher can have in-class access to all the best teaching tools.

2. Utilize hands-on, interactive learning with SmartBoards. Teachers and students can interact with their content using only a finger or a pen. You also get access to a collection of SmartBoard learning resources online. Price: The only thing not to like is the $2,000 you’ll spend implementing this tool.

3. In 2012 the San Diego school district spent $10 million dollars on 26,000 iPads. They facilitate faster learning, better retention, and higher levels of satisfaction among students. If your school can afford iPads, make it happen today, music teacher extraordinaire! Price: The iPad mini starts at just $329, while the full-size iPad will run you around $400.

4. The Chromebook is a lightweight laptop that utilizes Google’s Chrome operating system. With its ability to browse the web and use any of Google’s email, document, or spreadsheet apps, this laptop covers the basic needs of most students. Price: For half the price of an iPad (that’s $200 bucks, folks!), students can purchase a Chromebook.

5. Want to record lectures and include content? ScreenChomp is a free iPad app that lets you create screencasts with audio narrations on the go. Have your students listen to the lectures at home so you can use valuable class time to answer questions, solve problems, and engage in discussions. Price: Free!

Did we miss anything? Comment and share your favorite classroom technologies for music teachers.