Write Songs That Make People Want to Dance & Play Music

Some songwriters just have a switch inside of them that lets them flip a song instantly in between sections, bars, or even notes. They write the kinds of songs that inspire musicians to play music and DJs to spin in it clubs because they surprise people and get everyone on their feet. Moreover, they are often sought after for their unique talents. Check out a few of the greats below!

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1. Rod Temperton

Temperton wrote "Boogie Nights" for the funky disco antics of Heatwave. After hearing the track, Quincy Jones called Temperton in to write songs for what would become Michael Jackson's debut solo album, Off the Wall. Jones wanted something similar to the "Boogie Nights" arrangement which features an easy going and jazzy passage before the hard-hitting main musical theme comes in. Temperton came up with the title track, "Off the Wall," as well as two other songs in a matter of days before he flew back to England. Listen to the two songs to hear some of the similarities. Temperton knew how he wanted the bands he worked with to play music and these two groups typify the right musicians for the right songs.

2. Sly Stone

For their fourth studio album (which many argue is their best), Sly and the Family Stone recorded a plethora of different songs with very different feels, though none flips harder than the title track "Stand!" Originally written by Sly without the outro section, he played the track in a nightclub to a lukewarm response. Unable to get his band in the studio in time, Sly went out into the studio with a group of uncredited Los Angeles musicians who agreed to play the music. The result is around the 2:15 mark.

Earth, Wind, & Fire

If anyone knows how to play music that gets people up and dancing it is most certainly Earth, Wind, & Fire. The beauty about a track like "Fantasy," written by Maurice White, Verdine White, and Eddie del Barrio, is that it starts out getting listeners to think it is one of their many ballads. They don't let you think that for very long before the horn punches, kick drum, and bass nearly punch you in the face. As musicians, these are the types of tracks that make it fun to play music!

*Who are some of your favorite songwriters?