U2's "With or Without You" Sheet Music on Chromatik

If you’ve ever been a Friends obsessive and watched every episode at least three times (not that anyone in our office has ever done that…), then you’ll instantly recognize this song as the one Ross requests on the radio in an attempt to win back Rachel. Ross' makes a perfect song selection, as this song feels so lovesick that the guitar strings even sound like they have stomach aches. Despite the universal love for "With or Without You," the song almost never saw a release, as the band struggled with creating an arrangement that they liked. Only after The Edge received a prototype infinite sustain guitar in the mail from its inventor, Michael Brook, did they begin to think the song was worth saving. “With or Without You” is a testament to dedication and restraint even in the face of adversity, which considering the tumultuous relationship between Ross and Rachel only makes its appearance in Friends even more fitting.