Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko's "Stay" - Chromatik's Tune of the Day

Unapologetic saw Rihanna venturing into a slightly moodier territory than her previous, more garish albums, giving the singer am updated look at a time when Katy Perry declared her entry into goth and Lana Del Rey banged out ballads about being sad Jackie Kennedy. When most artists give in to these fads it usually seems forced and awkward, but with Rihanna's sad vibes actually felt like a natural progression in her career. “Stay” showed that Rihanna could do more than spew some lines on a danceable beat, it showed she could actually sing. Mykki Ekko also doesn’t fail to perform on his verse, and he also manages to out-falsetto Rihanna, which is a feat in itself.  A love song so endearing that it haunts you, "Stay" is all about perfecting your vulnerable croon, so download Chromatik today and work on your own gut-wrenching rendition.