Psy Sheet Music - Gangnam Style on Chromatik

In the face of a swelling global market for k-pop, many people wondered what song would finally be the crossover hit for Western audiences. Such a title assumed to go to one of the fully-formed girl groups like 2NE1 or Girls Generation, so it was a shock when Psy, the country's equivalent of an LMFAO personality managed to make a song go viral in the United States. With an absurd yet colorful music video, it was hard not to fall in love with Psy's goofy charisma and showmanship. Sometimes a good performance can be made or broken by the type of strong, flamboyant personality that Psy delivered with "Gangnam Style" and it's worth any musician's time to take cues from the Korean pop singer. Learn "Gangnam Style" on Chromatik today and get inspired.