5 Music Facts to Get You Pumped to Play!

Need an excuse to practice? These 5 musical facts are sure to get you going! 

  1. Playing music improves your coordination
    Okay, okay, so music alone won't make you a gold-medal gymnast, but practicing your fine motor skills through music will not only help you nail that difficult piece you're practicing now, but it will make learning new pieces easier as well.
  2. You use almost every part of your brain
    Seeing the music, breathing, playing, hearing and moving activates your brain all over! What a workout!
  3. Music is a great way to learn history
    Whether you're studying classical western composers, or exploring the beautiful music of cultures worldwide, music can tell a unique story about history.
  4. Music is proven to relieve stress
    Feeling frazzled? Music can get you pumped up to party, but it also harbors a unique ability to relieve stress and anxiety. 
  5. Playing music helps with Math, Reading and Concentration
    Not only will you nail that awesome song you've been working on, but you might just get a boost in your other studies as well. Awesome!