The 6 Best Movies About Marching Band

Marching band was cool before the movies told us it was, but that doesn't mean we don't like watching movies about fellow bandos.  Check out these 6 marching band movies below and play music!

1.  Drumline quickly became a classic in our band geek hearts. It's got the drama, the romance, and by god, it has the uniforms. We not-so-secretly love the emphasis on a band that requires everyone to read sheet music properly. We don't care if critics called the final drum-off scene formulaic, the film and the soundtrack were both phenomenal.  Also, it caused other kids to join band, and while we're happy to have them, we knew that drumming was cool before it hit the big screen. Play music with one band, one sound.

2. American Pie made marching band famous for a slightly different reason than the other films on this list. If you are of a right and proper age, you can watch the movie and see for yourself. Let's just say that what happens at band camp, stays at band camp. And well, we don't think we'll post a video of this one... why not go play music instead?

3. Is there any band movie better than TheMusic Man?  Con man Harold Hill poses as a band leader and sells instruments and uniforms to an unsuspecting town. But as con men always do, Harold learns the errors of his ways and improves for the love of a woman. Featuring the famous "Seventy-Six Trombones," the Music Man remains a classic. In the words of Harold Hill, "I always think there's a band, kid."

4. From the 50 Yard Line is quite simply the ultimate documentary on marching band. Exploring the misconceptions and stereotypes of marching band, From the 50 Yard Line follows Centerville High School's marching band in Ohio, and stresses the benefits of instrumental education. This documentary provides a real look at band camp, auditions, marching season, and national competitions. Finally, this film gives people a clear view of how serious this whole marching band venture really is.

5. Okay, so 10 Things I Hate About You is not really a marching band movie, but this scene with Heath Ledger serenading Julia Stiles makes the list. Rest in peace you crooner, you.

6. Time to get meta with The Other Sister, a film depicting the romance between two mentally-challenged individuals. Carla, played by Juliette Lewis, is obsessed with marching bands, and this movie's final scene pays homage to another marching band classic when at their wedding, Carla's fiancé surprises her with a marching band playing a song from The Music Man.

Did we miss anything?  

Comment below and let us know which marching band movie is the most accurate representation of your experience.