Los Lobos Sheet Music - La Bamba on Chromatik

Los Lobos Sheet Music - La Bamba

In 1958, Ritchie Valens turned a traditional Mexican folk song from Veracruz into a top 40 hit. Valens teamed up with famous session guitarist Carol Kaye and added a rock 'n roll kick to a song typically played with harps and acoustic guitars. Although Valens' version never reached #1 on the charts, Los Lobos gave the song some much deserved attention when they re-recorded it for the bio-pic on Valens' life, La Bamba and it finally hit the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1987. Throughout its rich history, "La Bamba" has solidified itself as one of the most danceable songs in rock and roll and traditional folk music. While the phrase "la bamba" lacks a direct English translation, it means something along the lines of "to shake" or "to stomp", which is pretty much exactly what this song will make you do regardless if you know the lyrics or not.  

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