Everlasting Love

Instead of buying a fancy dinner this Valentine’s weekend, consider giving your Valentine some food for thought!

As many of us know, sound travels in the form of “waves” —these sound waves vibrate the atoms around them, dissipating their energy throughout their environment. Sound waves depend on the environment around them to make noise, and with each object the wave encounters it will lose energy and quickly become inaudible, and eventually undetectable.

Although the sound waves will inevitably be overtaken by the thermal motion that exists in air, theory suggests that some dividend of sound waves remains in the environment eternally at an undetectable level, blending together as an inaudible backing track to earth’s ongoing story, thus preserving every sound in a tiny form, endlessly dividing into oblivion.

Consider this as you prepare for your Valentine’s festivities— everything you say and every sound you make will be endlessly preserved in the universe, constantly diminishing exponentially longer than any human relationship can ever hope to last.

The obvious solution to this love conundrum? Sing a duet from Chromatik’s “Love on Top” collection and preserve your bond in the form of waves bouncing around the world and eventually blending together with the remnants of every other sound that has ever been made. Don’t forget the box of chocolates.