Colin Hayes Sheet Music - Overkill on Chromatik

Somewhere in the early 2000s, Zach Braff had the epiphany to revive 80s pop singer Colin Hayes' career by putting the Aussie new waver's music into all of his film work. Unlike his garish synth hits like "Men Down Under", Hayes production in his solo career revolves around more intimate singer-songwriter material. The transition from kooky pop star to mature songwriter is best heard on this 2003 re-work of the song "Overkill." Gone are synth fixins and outdated 80s drum pads, replacing them with a simple and effective guitar plucking. Somehow it makes the song even catchier, which fits along with Hayes' cameo appearance on Scrubs in which he follows Braff around town and plays this song. Download Chromatik and learn this simple earworm today.