Classical Music Gems on Screen

Music is an essential component of both television and movies—it sets an emotional base and moves the viewer through the story. Although it often goes unnoticed, TV shows and movies slip some pretty awesome music into our lives, and for that we thank them. Here are some of the classical music gems you may have missed the first time around.

1. Phillip Glass: Koyaanisquatsi

Featured in Kirk’s somewhat unsettling dance in the 6th season of Gilmore Girls, and twice in the 5th season of Scrubs, Phillip Glass’ monumental piece, Koyaanisqustsi, originally from the Environmental film of the same name, is pretty hard to miss. All the same, realizing the serious origins of the song after it’s eccentric presentation grants it “gem” status in the realm of television.


2. W.A. Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Although Mozart may have thought it a bit more serious, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik has found its way into many comedic films of our time, including Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, Daddy Day Care, and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Intentions aside, it does pair excellently with Jim Carrey dancing in a pink tutu.


3. Gioachino Rossini: William Tell Overture

It’s no surprise that Rossini’s dramatic William Tell Overture has supported some of the best action scenes of our time, making appearances in The Lone Ranger, Armageddon, A Clockwork Orange and Toy Story 2.


4. Spring Song: Felix Mendelssohn

Spongebob Squarepants is chock-full of little diddies sung by the various characters in the show, however, once in a while a classical piece is used to really add drama to a scene. See if you can find Felix Mendelssohn’s Spring Song in this clip from “Survival of the Idiots.”