Introducing Chromatik Pro - a note from the team

We at Chromatik are excited to announce the release of Chromatik Pro, our new subscription service that offers you unlimited, ad-free plays.

As of December 22, Chromatik Pro will have weekly, monthly, and yearly subscription plans. You can choose the option that makes the most sense for your practice and performance style, all while still saving major bucks.

Want to keep playing for free? We hear you. You’ll still be able to access three plays a day, free of charge.

We’ve been lucky enough to have great partners over the years, whose support has allowed us to offer you high quality sheet music, free to play, as we’ve grown our catalog and feature offering.

But your engagement with and feedback about Chromatik have been equally crucial. We’ve turned to you as we’ve decided what tunes to arrange next and what features to add.  We continue to listen to your suggestions -- You’ve asked for more content. You’ve asked for more features. You’ve asked for support across all devices. And more!

That's why we're introducing Chromatik Pro, so we can continue to support growth in building the Chromatik community for musicians, by musicians. You've already joined the one million musicians, powering millions of plays in Chromatik. And this year alone, your combined practice time in Chromatik reached over 50 years. We're offering three subscription tiers, so our hope is that whether you're putting in tons of hours or just starting out, you'll find the plan that's best tailored to you. 

We've always been committed to paying the artists who make the music we love to play, but with Chromatik Pro, we're making sure those artists will see continued support from the Chromatik community. With your subscription, you'll be supporting the artists so they can continue to create their music you see in Chromatik.

We believe that no matter where you are, you should be able to play the music you want, when you want, with a community of other musicians. This remains our focus.

For the price of a single piece of sheet music, your Chromatik Pro subscription gives you access to thousands of tunes. And we’re not just committed to providing you with affordable content. We’re equally committed to fostering a community that will give every musician the feedback and support needed to grow. That’s why, along with Chromatik Pro, we’re introducing expanded community features, so you can follow, encourage, and applaud your fellow musicians.

We’re so grateful for your support thus far. To show you that we’re still committed to making Chromatik the best community for musicians, we’re emailing our existing users to offer a free month of Chromatik Pro.

Please keep sending your invaluable suggestions, and don’t forget to play more music.

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