Ariana Grande Sheet Music - Tattooed Heart on Chromatik

Twenty years from now, academic scholars will have lengthy debates over where the dream of the 90s persevered during the 2010s: in Portland or in Ariana Grande's discography. At Chromatik, we place our bets on the latter. Ariana's throwback pop could trick us into thinking Glitter never happened or that Beyonce was merely a member of the R&B quartet Destiny's Child. "Tattooed Heart" may be one of the more compelling cases for Ariana. Mariah Carey vocals imposed over a sullen doo-wop instrumental, the song will transport you to an alternate nostalgic universe. Cynics might shout "always imitated, never duplicated" at Grande, but her music stands on its own and uses that nostalgia to convey her emotions. Like most of us, Ariana is just looking to rekindle the 90s and she's a good companion to revel with in nostalgia.