5 Awesome Adele Covers

    There’s something about artists from across the pond that draws our attention like no other— maybe it’s their cool air, their sense of mystery, or (most likely) their fun accents. Regardless of our reasoning, our British friends draw us in like bears to honey, and our beloved singer Adele is certainly no exception.

    Since her debut album “19” was released in 2008, Adele has captured our hearts and imaginations. Her soulful vocals and resonant lyrics have captivated audiences from packed stadiums to car radios, where we have shamelessly belted out the lyrics to our favorite Adele tunes, sharing her creativity, if only for a moment.

    For some, this inspiration has gone past the privacy of the driver’s seat, and into the big wide world through covers played live and posted on youtube, producing some amazing results. Artists of all ages and styles have united around this music to give it their own unique twist, so without further adieu, here are our favorite covers of some of Adele’s most popular songs.

1. Rolling in the Deep, Linkin Park:

Rock band Linkin Park transcends genre boundaries in this moving cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” to a massive crowd at the 2011 Itunes festival. The crowd singing along with the chorus really packs a punch—wish we could’ve been there!


2. Rolling in the Deep, Vazquez Sounds:

Great things come in small packages— youth pop group Vazquez Sounds blows us away with their amazing cover of “Rolling in the Deep.” These talented kids have rendered over 145 million hits, and for a good reason. Check it out!


3. Skyfall, Evan Duffy featuring Nicola Bertoni (vocals) and Anna Kobylski (cello):

This haunting hit from the latest Bond film is masterfully covered in this trio performance by pianist Evan Duffy, Vocalist Nicola Bertoni and Cellist Anna Kobylski. Bertoni’s chilling vocals are skillfully complemented by the expertise of her companions. Definitely worth a listen (or ten).


4. Someone Like You, Charlie Puth and Emily Luther:

If you thought Adele’s “Someone Like You” was heartbreaking before, you’re in for some bad (or great) news. This duet pours emotion into this gorgeous cover, so have some tissues on hand.


5. Promise— Cheryl Cole, Adele:

Last (but definitely not least) is Adele herself, covering “Promise” by Cheryl Cole. There are no words to describe the perfection of Adele’s performance, you’ll just have to watch it yourself. Added bonus for Adele’s speaking intro...it’s just so fun to hear her talk!

Did these covers inspire you to make one of your own? Head over to our Adele collection on Chromatik to get started!